JULY 08, 2022


The phenomenon of the total white décor trend has been flourishing for a considerable span of time. At present, it has firmly established itself as one of the fundamental color schemes, particularly in minimalist developments such as Bliss at L&T Raintree boulevard. Here, whitewashed townhouses serve as an exquisite embodiment of the idyllic ambiance found within this pioneering urban village concept located in Bangalore.

When it comes to adorning a room or a home, we typically employ a combination of two or three hues. However, if your desire is to create spaces that are radiant, refined, and pristine, opting for an all-encompassing white aesthetic is an ideal choice.

Nevertheless, there exist various iterations and adaptations of the total white trend. You have the option to fully embrace the white palette, adorning your space with white elements spanning from floors to ceilings, including doors and walls. Alternatively, you can infuse certain features with touches of color to add an element of contrast. This can be achieved through subtle elements such as a rug, cushions, a lamp, or a vase.

Another variation involves incorporating vibrant colors into an all-white room, such as fashionable hues like red, blue, or pink. Alternatively, one might choose to explore different shades of white or light amber, as seen in our Bliss Ivory and Amber townhouse collections, where the entire color palette is meticulously designed to accentuate the idyllic and serene ambiance of the space.

The epitome of a flawless total white aesthetic

At first glance, an all-white décor may appear less complex, but in reality, it is a challenging trend that demands a great deal of creativity to truly make it exceptional and evoke the desired ambiance. This is precisely why our esteemed architects at L&T Realty have introduced a play of shapes and textures through carefully selected building materials, resulting in a luxurious effect without compromising the immaculate nature of the all-white surroundings.

When adorning the interiors of your townhouse, you can enhance the textural elements by juxtaposing contrasting textures between the carpet and the curtains, or by selecting sofas in varying shades of white.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in determining the success of an all-white trend. In this case, incorporating cozy lamps becomes crucial as they infuse a sense of warmth while preventing excessive brightness.

In summary, an all-white décor brings forth an abundance of luminosity, instilling a sense of spaciousness, elegance, and purity. Furthermore, it seamlessly complements any chosen decorative style and can effortlessly be refreshed by periodically updating accessories and wall art. Get in touch with Asian Paints for Authentic Purchase